What I particularly love is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the bag knocking within the cart since it’s attached and it provides you with an excellent station when you’re on the putting green, just roll it up, grab your putter and hit that birdie. >>Read the full review: http://bit.ly/29bflZw


The most interesting concept in golf bags: a bag built right onto a push cart. Very well executed. Extremely convenient and fun to use. >>Read full review: http://bit.ly/29hxmr3


Looks like Alphard Golf has created a winner. This could very well be the last golf bag you will ever need. >>Read full review: http://bit.ly/29jHSzj


It takes up the majority of the trunk in my Hyundai Elantra. I have to take out the driver for it to fit. No other bags will fit in my trunk. >>Read full review: http://bit.ly/298i30s


There’s nothing this push cart-golf bag combo can’t do!

Golf Digest

Overloading products with too many functions can sometimes be a bad thing…But in this case, Alphard Golf’s Duo Cart DX is an all-in-one that works great!

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I was impressed with the product, the concept and the implementation.

The Sand Trap

It's rare that I review a product I feel is truly groundbreaking, but I'm inclined to put the Duo Cart on that list. The product was designed with convenience in mind and it truly delivers. >>Read full review: http://bit.ly/29647TT

Hacker's Paradise

Overall, the cart oozes clever, but is also obviously designed to function on the course. >>Read full review: http://bit.ly/29jIvJr

My Golf Spy

I am impressed with the concept and think Alphard makes a solid product.

Three Guys Golf

Add this to the “Why didn’t I think of that” list. The Alphard Duo combines a golf bag with a pull cart, making it a cinch to travel with both. A genius idea, if you ask us.

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This cart was easily the runaway hit of the Chicago Golf Show and is already one of GOLFChicago’s picks for top products of 2014.

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