The brand Alphard Golf may sound new and unfamiliar, but the company has produced over 1 million push carts to date as an OEM for other major brands since 1999.  Fifteen years of experience designing and fabricating some of the highest quality push carts in the world has made us a specialist in this category.

We had a vision for a better way to walk the course.  We have lots of new and unconventional ideas which we believe will take walking the course to a whole new level, with improvements in convenience, ergonomics and practicability.  In 2013, the market’s first golf bag and push cart combo product was launched – the Duo Golf Cart, under the brand of Alphard Golf.

In the 2014 collection, we are introducing stand bags and cart bags with the detachable Skin feature.  Detachable Skin lets you extend the life of your golf bag by simply attaching a new Skin.  We’ve been asked: Why did we come up with the idea of detachable Skin?  We answer by asking: How many golf bags have you thrown away simply because the outer fabric is worn out but the main portion of the bag such as dividers, base etc. are still in good condition? Have you ever given away (or just hide in the garage!) an “old” bag just because there’s a new look that you are after?  Detachable Skin is an eco-friendly and space saving way to have fun with different colors and styles.  You will also love the more wallet friendly price tag compared to getting new bags!

Alphard® Golf is a division of Adept Industries Ltd., with headquarters in Hong Kong, R&D and ISO certified production facility in Guangzhou, China.