Frequestly Asked Questions


Where can I buy?

Can I ride in the golf cart with it?

What is the difference between Duo Evolution, Duo Deluxe and Duo Lite?

How much does it weight?

What is the folded size?

How many dividers are there?

How wide are the wheels?


What are the benefits compared to having a separate golf bag and push cart?

Is there any difference between pull carts and push carts?

What is the benefit of having 4 wheels?

Operation and maintenance

I have to push down on the cart to fold it, is it normal?

How do I prepare the Duo Cart to ride on an electric cart?

The brake is not engaging, how can I fix it?

There's a clanking sound from the front wheels (brake not engaged), how can I fix it?

How do I change the skin?

How should I clean my Duo cart?

Can I wash the fabric on my Duo cart?

What are some not so obvious features I should know of?


What is Alphard Golf's return policy?

I don’t have a paypal account, can I pay with my credit card instead?

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